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About Ardale

"Our dedicated teams are committed to supporting you every step of the way on your home ownership journey".


Emma Maye.

Chief Executive Officer.


"Coastal Living Redefined."

Our History

With a legacy spanning two decades Ardale was born out of a vision to revolutionise homebuilding, challenge conventions and embracing a unique approach to truly prioritise what matters most to people. This approach continues to the present day as evidenced in the design at Mariner’s Point.

Our People

The Ardale team bring a wealth of expertise and a shared passion for crafting exceptional homes. We are a passionate team dedicated to creating vibrant communities, fostering connection and creating truly proud places for residents to call home.


Our Commitment


At Ardale, our dedication is rooted in community-centered development that elevates lives. We prioritise homeowners and the larger community, fostering a profound sense of belonging while enhancing the overall living experience.

Our Future

Ardale’s vision is focused on continued growth and community focused development. We aim to create enduring, vibrant communities that evolve to meet the needs and aspirations of those who call them home.

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